What is a zine?


A zine is short for “magazine”. It is essentially a small, self-published work and the best things about zines: they can be about anything! In collecting zines for the library, I have had all sorts of zines blow through my dining room before ending up at the library from Nutella recipes to a zine all about Mary Wollstonecraft to a zine on the Diva Cup.

Think you’re not creative? Forget about it! You can use images from newspapers, old magazines, and clip art. You can even just have a zine with text, such as a literary zine.

Broke? No problem! The beauty of making a zine is that you don’t have to be a millionaire to do it! You can even just hand draw everything and as seen in our How to Make a Zine page, Sam Proof shows you an excellent method for making a zine out of one page of paper.

This past summer, I really wanted to create a zine and I wanted to have some scratch to do it. Luckily, I found Kickstarter and started a drive to raise money for the supplies I needed plus the cost of copies (I did color on mine).

So grab some paper and your creativity and get started!


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